• w o w. what an incredible three days we just had! we taught a two-day hands-on training session to our precious maintenance trainers, which we couldn’t have done without our assistants. and then today, we had our “Be Strong” Circuit Assembly. over the course of the past three days we saw a few things and ALL of them included Jehovah helping us out. we saw the local eight congregations learn how to perform basic maintenance on a their Kingdom Hall. we saw them be so incredibly happy about it too. I saw my husband give his first baptism talk. but what I think I loved the most was we saw our city and Island trainers get close. we have wanted to have this happen for so long and to see it happen, warmed my heart. our trainers are THE best part of our assignment. we love them all – starting from our very first ones back in Texas to the ones we left behind in Ohio – so very dearly. the first pic here is us plus all of our trainers, a first of all of us together. #lovethemsomuch #bestlifeever #LDCZone1 #Region4HOTMTV

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