Chicken Vindaloo Recipe

After my husband kept telling me we should grow scorpion peppers, I finally bought a little starter plant in the spring. Little did I know my “little starter plant” would blossom into a beast FULL of crazy hot peppers! Now that so many of them have turned red and are ready to go, I realized I need to figure out what to do with them all. Being back home visiting last week, I had the idea of making one of my husbands favorite dishes: vindaloo. It’s the spiciest Indian food dish and my husband LOVES it. I googled recipes and found a ton of different kinds of vindaloos. I took about three-four recipes and combined/consolidated the recipes and made, what came out to be, an incredibly tasty and super spicy dish. Here’s my base recipe. I say base because I don’t measure much of anything.

Vindaloo Ingredients:
Chicken breast, cut into small cubes
*Approximately 1/2 of a 14-oz can of tomato sauce
*Approximately 1/2-1 cup of apple cider vinegar
*Whole cloves, ground in a mortar/pestle
*Ground cinnamon
*Ground turmeric
*Ground coriander
*Ground cumin
*Ground yellow mustard powder
*Ground curry powder (blend of most of the above spices, but added a lot of flavor)
*Freshly cracked black pepper
*Fresh garlic (2 cloves)
*Fresh ginger (about 1/2 cup’s worth)
*1 large fresh scorpion pepper
Jasmine rice
Salt (to taste)
Green beans
Olive oil

Yogurt Raita Ingredients:
Fresh mint
Fresh cilantro
Fresh basil
Plain yogurt
Juice of 1 1/2 lemon
Cucumber (seeds scrapped and thrown out)

1. Blend all ingredients with an *. For the vinegar and tomato sauce, I eyeballed it until I got a good marinade/sauce consistency. NOTE: I just purchased a new blender and so I had my old one handy to use for this. I don’t know if you use your regular blender that the smells/flavors wouldn’t stick in the blender. Just an FYI.

2. Add marinade to cubed chicken and let sit for about 30 minutes. Use a bowl or Tupperware that you don’t mind sitting in a VERY spicy sauce.

3. While the marinade is working it’s thing, make the raita sauce. Place in the fridge when you’re done so the flavors can meld together.

4. Also, start your Jasmine rice now (according to your package), as it only takes about 15 minutes to cook.

5. Once your rice is started and your raita is all done, blend the scallions to an even chop, and place them in a hot and oiled pan on medium/low flame. Then, add the chicken with its marinade, after the onion sweat out for a few minutes or so. Cover the pan and lower heat to low. Cook for approximately 30 minutes. You want the chicken very tender. If you want it all saucier/thinner, add a very very little bit of water over the course of the 30-ish minutes of cooking. Keep the lid on though!

6. This is when we cooked the green beans, as it only takes a minute or two to heat up some frozen green beans. We only added salt & pepper, as there was so much flavor in everything else.

7. At this point, the chicken, rice, green beans, and raita should be all done. You’re ready to plate and eat now.

Serve chicken, rice, and green beans with some heated naan. Garnish with cilantro and a lemon wedge. Enjoy!!






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