Dona Tomas

After wine tasting for the day, we were craving some Mexican food.  We were in the Berkeley/Oakland area and Dona Tomas was recommended to us.  It was a fabulous place with delicious food and drinks. 

If you are in the Oakland area, I highly recommend this place.  Enjoy!

Below is the Ceviche al Pescado (fresh ahi tuna, avocado, tomatoes, red onions, capers, and cilantro in a chilaca salsa):

And here we have the Carne Asada con Crema de Chipotle (thinly sliced grilled Niman Ranch beef with a chipotle chile and mushroom cream sauce, served with grilled corn, mashed potatoes with cotija cheese and house-made tortillas):  


Lastly, here is what they are famous for: Carnitas (slow-roasted and tender Becker Lane pork rubbed with Mexican oregano and served with red rice, mashed pinto beans and house-made tortillas):



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  1. Carley Petersen
    Carley Petersen at |

    who is the lovely person that recommended dona tomas to you? :)

  2. Jeremy Barrows
    Jeremy Barrows at |

    A lively girl named Cee Cee

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