Last month we enjoyed THE best vacation we’ve ever had.  We had our 10-year wedding anniversary and went to Europe to celebrate it.

This was our first time in London, though third time to Europe.  London is a fantastic place.  I simply adored every minute of it.  From the “language” to all the many, many pubs and the exquisite Indian food.  And from the very efficient Tube to all the wonderful people.  London has quickly become my third favorite city in the world: New York being the first, of course, and then followed by Paris. 

We can’t wait until when we can go back to London and do all of the many things that we didn’t get a chance to enjoy this past time.  Seeing that that won’t be for a while for us, please enjoy some of the sights from London.

The shot here below is from some delicious champagne we had at home the morning of our flight:

 The three photos below are from our flight out.  The food was amazing but the service in First Class on British Airways is what makes it spectacular:

europe 2010

And finally, we arrive in London…

europe 2010 - london

europe 2010 - london

europe 2010 - london


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