Swanson Vineyards

Based on a recommendation, my husband and I made reservations and visited Swanson Vineyards in Napa Valley two months ago.  Perhaps it’s the fabulous French influence that really drew us to the place (we adore France).  Or maybe it was just the unbelievable wine – the Petite Syrah WILL knock your socks off.  Or perhaps it was the hospitality we received.  Regardless of what it was, it was certainly love at first sight…and taste!  On that visit, we “just” had their “basic” or Cirque Tasting tasting but it wasn’t even close to basic…it was fantastic. 

This past weekend we decided to try their Harvey Tasting.  This was a wonderfully relaxed sit-down experience.  There was caviar as well as various cheeses paired with fantastic wines.  Not to mention the also gorgeous room we enjoyed all of this in.  Every detail was covered beautifully.  Mrs. Elizabeth Swanson herself, even came in for a visit. 

Bon appétit!











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  1. Swanson Vineyards
    Swanson Vineyards at |

    LOVE these photos. Thank you for visiting the Salon and taking home such tasty photos of your experience!

  2. lillian
    lillian at |

    thank you for the kind words. it was my pleasure to take these. hopefully, we’ll be back again soon and i will take some more!

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