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My husband and I do truly LOVE to cook and what we love EVEN MORE is, (1) – experimenting and, (2) – trying to mimic our favorite restaurant dishes.  Since we cook so often, I will keep updating this post with more new and delicious creations we have made so check back often and enjoy!



The above to shots were from a ratatouille-type recipe from Mario Batali.  It freezes exceptionally well and can be traditionally served with and/or over anything.  Here the Acme bread (THE best bread company) is toasted, drizzled with olive oil, and topped with the puree.

The shot below, is a recipe we have mimicked from Village California Bistro and Wine Bar.  (I added a link in the ‘Links‘ section).  It is truly a hit when we make it for friends.  It’s an ahi tuna tartare with an avocado cilantro aioli…bon appétit!



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    Love your web site! I don’t suppose you have a recipe for the ratatouille-type recipe from Mario Batali?

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