HALL Wines – St. Helena

We were turned on to HALL Wines in Napa by a good friend of ours (thanks Desmond!).  Our very first visit was to the HALL – St. Helena location.  From the minute we tasted the very first wine, we were hooked.  What also sold us was that they serve ALL of their wines in Riedel glasses.  If you are unfamiliar with Riedel stemware, click here.  These glasses genuinely make a difference in the wine you are drinking and it’s truly impressive that HALL Wines has made sure to only serve their wines in glasses that will wonderfully showcase the delicious flavors and smells that its wines possess.  Mrs. Kathryn Hall aided in all of this.  To read more about what she did in bring Riedel to Hall, please click here.


food & wine photos

hall - st helena

hall - st helena

hall - st helena


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