[ I spy with my little eye…a wonderful husband ] #wbw #cantwaittogoback #20thweddinganniversaryherewecome #paris #france #notredame #iloveparis #ilovefrance #secondgreatestcityintheworld #jadoreparis #jtaimeparis #ttvacationdays •|•PATIENT UPDATE: some incredible news today, and it’s been a long time since that has happened. Jeremy’s blood clot is down by his ankle! this may not seem like much, but apparently when the clot is in the vein in the thigh area, it’s very dangerous. we don’t know how this happened but we are still very VERY happy about it. we do still feel the vascular specialist will want to implant the ICV filter but this is still wonderful news. we are off to see the surgeon tomorrow for a pre-op appt and then back to the vascular doc on Friday to do the implant. the surgery is scheduled for a week from today, 1/17. I have to say it’s the scariest thing in the world to go through this, but I do feel Jehovah helping me throughout. that, and with all of your prayers and well-wishes, I can do this. we can do this! love you all.

#tbt to that one time when we were very close to the Watchtower sign –PATIENT UPDATE: so yesterday did not go as planned. Jeremy’s calf was really swollen and tight and he was still having some pain. we contacted his surgeon who said to go to the ER because there could be a potential blood clot. sure enough, after over six hours at the ER last night, it is indeed a DVT (or blood clot). Jehovah was very evidently with us throughout the ordeal. we breezed through a lot of the different steps there. we saw some incredible doctors/technicians. and a good friend showed up to provide love, support, and even dinner! Jeremy is now going to be taking some blood thinners for a while and we will see what the surgeon has to say about the procedure that is scheduled still for next week. we can’t thank you all enough for the prayers and texts/messages. –#watchtowersign #missit #itsnotthesame #brooklynheights #brooklyn #nyc

~delicious healthy and very filling dinner bowls…which also helped us use some leftovers we already had. ️(PATIENT UPDATE: Jeremy is experiencing some pain, which he hasn’t this entire time. surgery is scheduled for 1/3, at this point.) |: seasoned rice bowl with various sautéed peppers and onions with shrimp. |: • peppers (bell, sweet, jalapeños) – diced• onions – chopped• fresh garlic – crushed• seasoning: cumin, cayenne, black pepper, Adobo, onion powder and garlic powder• shrimp with tails on• pre-cooked rice (kind/type of your preference)• fresh home-made guacamole• lime juice |: step 1 – sauté garlic with all the different peppers and onions. step 2 – add spices (however much of each you like). step 3 – spread veggies towards the outside of the pan and add pre-cooked rice to center to warm up and then incorporate with spiced veggies. step 4 – repeat step 3 but with shrimp in the center with combined rice on the outside of the pan (see Instastory for what it looks like). step 5 – serve hot with a big scoop of guacamole, hot sauce, and lime juice.|#foodie #homecooks #homecookdnyc #brooklyn #nyc #shrimp #shrimpbowl #ricebowls #iloverice #guacamole #avocado #healthyfood #healthydinner #foodandwinephotos

~day one of (who knows how many 😬) cooking by myself. I tell ya, I don’t like this. I prefer to cook alongside my best friend . inspired by one of our delicious family dinners we had down in NC, this mediterranean dish is so yummy and has so many flavors. love it! message me for the recipes. : pork chops over spring mix salad topped with a cucumber-tomato salad and a homemade tzatziki sauce. (thanks, @i12surf) PATIENT UPDATE: we will actually see the surgeon tomorrow. stay tuned, everyone. #mediterraneanfood #tzatziki #cucumbersalad #porkchops #homecooks #homecookdnyc #brooklyn #nomnom

~yesterday’s lunch consisted of this incredible sandwich paired with a delicious beer…and then a much needed walk after near the dunes. •: Country Deli’s Manhandler sandwich. Ham, roast beef, crispy bacon, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, deli mustard (heated) on a sub roll w/sweet and hot peppers on the side. •: Buffalo City Jug Shop’s Golden Monkey. a very sweet and smooth Belgian Triple. #obx #countrydeliobx #manhandlersandwich #goldenmonkey #goldenmonkeybeer #beer #obxfood #obxbeer #foodandwinephotos

~thank you, darling husband, for making this delicious dinner while I worked late. and yes, those are Star Wars lightsaber chopsticks! thank you, @halfbakedharvest for this incredible basil beef dish recipe. the basil, the lemon, the crunchy veggies – so yum! I didn’t have time to make the lemongrass rice, but I think I will make the time next time we make this. message me if you’d like this recipe and I’ll send you the link. #ilovethaifood #thaifood #basilbeef #halfbakedharvest #starwars #starwarschopsticks #nomnom #brooklynhomecooks #brooklyn #foodie #foodandwinephotos #nycfoodie #foodlover #homecookdnyc #homecooking ##nyc #newyorkcity

• can’t believe this happened a year ago already! according to the people at the Giraffe Centre, giraffe’s have very antiseptic saliva. this helps heal the cuts they get on their tongues from eating acacia berries, and as we know from convention from last year, acacia trees have a lot of thorns. Jehovah is incredible! • #giraffecentre #ilovegiraffes #kenya #nairobi #giraffes #rothschildgiraffe #africangiraffe #tembeakenya #magicalkenya #giraffesarebeautiful @giraffecentre_

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