~out in the ministry around the corner from our hotel. with so much traffic, our buses were unable to pick us up to take us to the territory so we improvised with street work. in groups of four delegates, each group was assigned a local brother to keep us safe. we had a brother named Boniface from Mombasa. he drove all night long (10 hours) to make the convention. hands down, preaching here today was one of THE most amazing experiences I have ever had. everyone is so interested!!! #bestlifeever #jehovahsorganization #nairobi #kenya #africa #nairobispecialconvention2016 #bnbgotoafrica

~what a day we had yesterday which culminated in this video. our plane had to make non-scheduled landing in Uganda last night because of a (semi) crash landing by another plane at the Kenya airport. we spend 6 hours on the plan at the gate. we were supposed to land at 8:50p but instead (after clearing through an 1.5 hour customs fiasco) we got outside the airport at 4:30a and these friends had waited this entire time and performed for us. #nairobispecialconvention2016 #kenya #nairobi #heartsfull #jehovahsorganization #bnbgotoafrica

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